Tesla Product Launch

I was engaged by e absolute legends at GEM Energy to produce and deliver a Tesla product launch for over 100 guests in a dinner setting. There were just a couple of things to factor in:

  • No registration system had been put in place
  • No suppliers had been booked
  • No content or format had been conceived
  • The venue was already chosen, it was their workshop warehouse
  • And, it was in 12 days….

To be honest I actually love short turn around gigs, and I’ve definitely had my fair share of them so I threw everything I had at this and really worked to the theme of renewable and sustainability as they are issues that I am passionate about. I’m proud to say we achieved a 95% paper-free event!

These kinds of events require great collaboration and I was so fortunate to work with a bunch of Brisbane heavyweights in delivering this. Shoutout to Cuisine On cue, Twisted Pair Productions and Tesla. Working with professionals who ‘get it’ enabled us to bring the show and presentation together flawlessly and to great review. #Ilovemyjob

“Thank you for coming on board, it was an absolute pleasure working with you! The event was fantastic and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. You really have the event life and you’re clearly very good at your job”

-Jack Hooper, CEO, GEM Energy